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Reduce Under Arm Sweat

Eraze keeping a step ahead of the rest
Now offering this innovative solution to unwanted sweat!

SculpSure™ is a non-invasive laser treatment that will reduce underarm sweat in just one 25-minute treatment!

Cutting edge treatment with outstanding results. SculpSure™ can deliver a sweat free life with no downtime, no scars and no recovery!

Here’s why to choose SculpSure™ to combat underarm Sweating:

Good riddance to toxic deodorants which block your sweat glands and cause ingrown hairs
Regain your confidence
No more odour, wet patches or yellow stains
Protect your favorite clothes & save on dry cleaning bills
Lasting results
No down time

We all love the warm weather and enjoying the sunshine but no one likes sweaty arm pits! Many of us also suffer from something called Primary Hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating under the arms. This can be quite embarrassing and may even be socially debilitating to some due to the odour, the wet patches, the damage to your clothing with embarrassing yellow stains and not to mention high dry cleaning costs.

Why do people sweat under the arms?

Excessive sweating affects both Men and Women.

The sweat glands are controlled by your hormones and your nervous system. Genetics may play a role too if they decided to give you a little too many glands in one area. If one of these systems get excited, then the glands become too active and produce extra sweat which leads to strong odour, wet patches and those nasty, yellow stains on your favorite clothes.

How does SculpSure™ work to decrease sweating?

It does so by using a 1064nm Diode wavelength which targets sweat glands under the skin and shrinks them, thereby decreasing their number and decreasing the amount of sweat produced in the underarm area.

Is SculpSure™ for underarms effective?

Absolutely yes. Not only does it decrease the fat cells in that area, it also decreases the number of sweat glands in the same area. No down time and absolutely zero recovery. Just 25 minutes.

What are possible side effects after SculpSure™ for underarm sweating?

The treatment is safe for all skin types. It should not be performed if you have an open lesion or sore or have a fresh razor cut. The most common side effects are a little redness and a little soreness. That’s it. No Scars. No downtime.

Is there recovery period after SculpSure™ for excessive sweating?

There is no recovery time. You can resume your activities immediately. You can go to the gym immediately.

SculpSure™ vs MiraDry Vs Botox/Dysport for Excessive under arm sweating? Which one is better?

SculpSure decreases the number of sweat glands in the under arm/axillary region leading to decreased production of sweat. It is done in 25 minutes with absolutely no downtime.

MiraDry is an invasive procedure requiring anesthesia and 1-2 weeks recovery time from the “hot knife” which gets inserted under the skin to decrease the number of sweat glands. It is 1-2 hours long, may cause scarring and leaves skin marks and may lead to an infection. Botox or Dysport injections simply temporary decrease the activation of sweat glands leading to decreased sweating for up to 6 months with zero recovery and zero downtime as well. SculpSure™ treatment results may last up to 1 year and actually decreases the actual number of sweat glands.

Regain your confidence & say goodbye to embarrassing sweat & odour this summer with SculpSure™ experts at Eraze.