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Mole Removal

Eraze Unwanted Moles, Skin Tags, Age Spots & Sun Spots.Do you have unwanted moles, skin tags, age spots or sun spots you’d like to remove as soon as possible? Eraze use a simple, no cutting & no stitches procedure to remove unsightly moles, skin tags, age spots & sun spots fast. It’s also very affordable and is suitable for all skin ages and skin types.

Moles, Skin Tags, Age Spots & Sun Spot RemovalGrowths treated include moles, skin tags, seborrhoiec keratoses, warts, verruccas, milias and other raised lesions. The technique we use is particularly effective for facial growths and fleshy growths called skin tags. The technique doesn’t leave an ugly scar and the healing period is short.

How It WorksEraze laser clinic’s innovative approach to mole and skin tag removal utilises high frequency that seals the skin as it removes the mole or skin tag lesion from any area of the body. This method minimises bleeding, leaving a temporary superficial scab which falls off in a short time resulting in a smooth skin surface.

What to expect after the treatmentProvided it is left to heal naturally (generally 5 to 10 days), there is rarely any scarring at the treatment site. There may be a slight colour difference in the treated skin (compared to the surrounding skin) but this fades and over time.

How many treatments are neededUsually one treatment is sufficient to remove each lesion however for moles that have a larger mass lying beneath the skin, you may require 2 or 3 treatments.

Tyana tummy moles after 1


Phuong mole

Heather moles B&A1

Miri lesions R B&A1

Miri lesions L B&A1

Removal of Moles, skin tags, age spots, sun spots, broken capillaries, blood spots, warts & Acne (Dries up Pimples and Pustules) Fast results, minimal discomfort, no stitches, no scarring.For more information PM us or 07 5636 1529

Posted by Eraze Laser Clinic on Tuesday, March 29, 2016